Friday, December 8, 2017

What is better, BTech in biotech or BSc in biotech ?

Answerd by - Ketan Gandhi, works at KgGuruji Consulting & Services source-

BTech v/s. BSc is a debate going on for many decades. BTech is a technical qualification, focuses more on the application of science. 
Its professional in nature and basic graduation program in engineering/technology. Bsc is a graduate course and is a basic program in science stream.
Both courses have great career opportunities. Both courses offer a masters & Ph.D. programs if someone wants to study further. Generally, a scientist work on invention/discovery and R & D whereas Engineers work on technological aspects of the application of those scientific discoveries in machinery, plants, production etc.

Whether B. Tech has more value or BSc depends on your college/institute, your knowledge, career aptitude, and performance.
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