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what is the salary net qualified Peaple

what is the salary of net qualified People --UGC NET is the eligibility exam which makes you eligible to apply for Assistant professor job throughout the country.

what is the salary net qualified People 

Any candidate who has passed UGC NET exam can apply either in Private or Government College, therefore I would like to give the answer in two categories.

what is the salary net qualified Peaple

If people applied in private sector - 

people who applied for a job in private sector than salary depends on many factors like people how many marks are achieved in Bachelor degree and how many marks achieve in master degree.

so the two points declare the salary of UGC NET Clear people in private sector in my experience net qualified people salary in private sector is minimum 50000+ to 70000 Thousand per month.

You would certainly say that chances are very much bright that if selected Mr. C would get higher salary than Mr. A or B. 

if Candidate applying to Government College 

I have seen that government colleges have almost fixed pay scale 
Generally, Goverment college gives at least 70 thousand to 1 lakh per month of net clear people but the candidate would have a great knowledge in his field.

so I think the government net qualify people to make money more than the private sector but nowadays govt sector is very competitive.

if you want gov job so you do unlimited hard work - For Succes

See The Example of - 

net qualify peaple sallary
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what are other people think about a net qualify people salary on

net qualify peaple sallary
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