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jobs after multimedia course what are the salary and Scope

A bachelor's degree in multimedia arts, computer graphics, or a related field will give an upper hand to multimedia designers looking for work in the field. ... The goal of any digital media or multimedia program should be to help you develop and showcase your digital skills. Source

if you thinking to do multimedia but you did not know how much salary and scoop in animation so this post will help to decide right job and course in animation

So first we know that how many courses we can do in multimedia after that we discussed jobs and scoop of multimedia

jobs after multimedia course what is the salary and Scope 

Common Job Areas (Designations): 

Web Designer/Developer 
Multimedia Designer 
Software Developer/Programmer 
IT Support/Helpdesk 
On-line publishing (editorial/design) 
Multimedia Marketing 
Advertising manager
Creative director 
Media director 
Marketing or promotions manager 
Product development manager 
Market research manager 
Public relations manager 
Media analyst or strategist 

Multimedia Careers in the Entertainment Industry 

Digital Camera Operator 
Sound engineering 
technician Multimedia 
artist Film and 
video editor Dubbing editor 
Sound effects editor 
Audio recording engineer 
Game designer 
Animator Game Programmer 
Game Tester Multimedia 
Fine Arts Careers Photographer 
Graphic designer Multimedia designer 
Installation artist Some of the Colleges 

Offering Multimedia Course in India:  

Manipal University 
Newsreel Design and Entertainment 
Animation Academy 
Nobel Institute of Professional Studies 
Acharya Academy 
Astha Institute of Management and Technology 
Animentor Academy 
Arena Animation 
Bhabha Institute of Management Sciences-BIMS 
Bhawant University Bhartiyam 
Institute of Professional Education and Technology 
Birla Institute of TEchnology 
CMJ University 
E-Plus College of Animation and Media 

what are the salary and Scope 

Starting salary depends on a number of different factors. Prominent factors are- profile of the employer, employee skills, aptitude and grades attained by the employee. General starting salary is around 15-20k Rupees per month. In case of high profile animation studios and media houses, salary figure will be higher than the one mentioned here.

and now we discuss scoop the field of multimedia animation better scoop nowadays in the field of multimedia many companies required a good employee 

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